EZ Remote Backup should be a part of EVERY companies backup and recovery plan.

Tape backup systems can be reliable but require a high degree of maintenance to truly be trusted. Many companies have a tape backup system but most do not even check the integrity of their backups.

EZ Remote Backup provides a primary or secondary backup solution that keeps your data off-site yet there when you need it.


Don't put your data at risk! Isn't your business worth it? EZ Remote Backup costs very little yet can make all the difference in the world!

Disasters happen. With EZ Remote Backup you are prepared for the worst! Keeping your data safe is vital...

Here's how it works:

A client program is installed on workstations or servers in your office

The client program is then configured to know what you want to back up and when

When the scheduled time is reached the client program will scan for files to be backed up based on how it was configured to determine what will be backed up

The client program then encrypts your data and prepares to upload it to our remote backup servers

Using your existing Internet connection the data is then uploaded to our servers for storage where they are available 24/7 in the event that files need to be restored.

Only you have access to your data on our servers, which protects your privacy and that of your customers. Your data is compressed and encrypted prior to being uploaded to our servers. Only you have the key!

EZ Remote Backup helps your company comply with Privacy and Security Rules including HIPPA.

Make EZ Remote Backup part of your data backup and recovery strategy...
Because your business is only as good as it's dataTM